For Educators

We created this content for students who don’t have access to academic facilities, but we’re happy to share!

The lecture portion of this syllabus is comprised of courses from the LinkedIn Learning library, each created by industry experts and professionally produced with high quality audio and video. Many universities already use this content to supplement in-person classes.

The homework, study group and project portions of the syllabus are designed to support these learning library videos and give students practical experience.

Feel free to use the content in your own courses (with attribution). Let us know how it works out for you, and how we could improve it to help you better.

Suggestions based on how others are using this content:

  • Assign the video learning content as pre-work, then discuss and build on the online training in your lectures, or use class time to do hands-on exercises.
  • Borrow the homework, study group, or project topics for your own course.
  • Help students create a UX portfolio by aligning projects with practical outcomes.

It’s very likely that your institution already has access to LinkedIn Learning. That means students can watch this content at no additional cost. Students gain certificates for finishing courses, so you can check completion rates if necessary.