Part 1: What is UX?

Are you in the right place? Let’s take a look at the many different roles within the general term “UX” so that you can focus more on the areas that interest you. 


This course was initially designed to be a jumping-off point showcasing all the UX content in the LIL library. But I wanted to make it more than just an advert, so it takes you through the process of starting out in UX, learning what the different job roles within the discipline are, and how to think about a career in UX. 


Course: UX Insights Weekly

UX Insights Weekly

(Chris Nodder)

This is a series of short (<4 minute) videos that were originally released weekly. Watch the chapter on UX Job Roles.

Cory’s course goes into more detail. If you want more than we cover in my “Getting Started” and “Insights” courses, watch this!


Decide which UX role(s) you are most interested in. Write down why the role interests you. Write down what skills you have already that will help you enter this field. 

Search LinkedIn for entry-level jobs in the area that interest you. Create a list of the type of skills companies are asking for. For each skill area, decide whether you already have the skill, whether you’d be prepared to learn it, or whether it’s something you’re just not interested in learning (coding skills, perhaps). This will help to guide your learning path and also help you to work out which jobs and job types you’d ultimately be interested in applying for. 

Join two relevant groups on LinkedIn from the list on the resources page

Follow/subscribe to/sign up for newsletters from a couple of content feeds from the web sites listed on the resources page.

Discussion topics

If you’ve created a study group, share your homework. Take turns explaining what role you’re interested in and why, and where you think you need to gain skills. Sharing with the group will help you solidify your own thinking and also helps you understand each other’s goals. 

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