Who created this site?

Chris Nodder wanted to make a low-cost training program that provides a solid foundation in UX theory and techniques. Read more about why and how.

Chris has been in the UX field for 20+ years, working at companies like Microsoft and Nielsen Norman Group before starting his own consulting business. He also creates online training courses for LinkedIn Learning.

I love that it’s low cost – why isn’t it free?

The information on this site is free, the courses require a subscription. There are some UX courses available on other platforms that you can watch without paying. They vary in quality. Some are OK, some are horrible. The courses listed here are all taught by industry experts and professionally produced by a dedicated A/V team with clear visuals, extra course materials, and certificates of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. 

Do I have to get the certificate at the end of the syllabus?

It’s your choice entirely. This whole experience is self-guided. You can take as many or as few modules as you want, at the pace you want to take them. Each individual LinkedIn course comes with its own certificate. We’re offering a single syllabus certificate that sums up all of your achievements. The certificate assessment format also gives you good practice in an interview-type situation. See what’s involved in getting a certificate.

Why isn’t there a single learning path with all these courses on LinkedIn Learning?

Although that learning path would give you the taught portion of this course, it wouldn’t give you the experience that comes from undertaking the associated projects. Employers are looking for practical experience when they hire you. LinkedIn Learning has no way to certify that practical experience. 

I need extra help – will you mentor me?

The instructors whose courses are listed here all have full-time professional jobs. Although they all do their best to answer individuals’ questions via the LinkedIn Learning Q&A feature, they already have commitments to help many people and are typically not available to mentor additional students. See the Resources page for other options.

Employers and Educators

What does this certificate tell me about someone’s ability to do the job?

This course is highly practical. Earning the certificate involves creating a resume and portfolio that is good enough to get the student to an interview for an entry-level UX position. We’re not handing out medals just for showing up. Not everyone who tries will get certified. We provide a way for you to check if a particular individual is certified. Think of it as a pre-screening for candidates. See more information for employers.

Can I use (parts of) this syllabus in courses I teach?

Sure. Don’t rip us off, but feel free to assign some of the video learning content as pre-work. Many institutions already do. You can also borrow the homework, discussion, or project ideas for your own course, with attribution. See more information for educators.

LinkedIn Learning

What is LinkedIn Learning? 

An online learning library with thousands of courses, each created by industry professionals who were invited to contribute. That ensures that all courses are high quality and relevant. LinkedIn Learning used to be known as Lynda.com. It is now part of LinkedIn, and is owned by Microsoft.

How do I access LinkedIn Learning? 

LinkedIn Learning requires a subscription. You can join on a month-by-month basis or get a yearly pass for ~33% less. Before you sign up though, check whether your employer, school, or local library has an account that you can use. 

What interaction can I have with the instructors and other students?

Each course has a Q&A section (the “Ask” button on the mobile interface). Instructors and other viewers can respond to students’ questions about the course.

Students can choose to see and interact with others who are watching the same course. There are also online learning groups associated with many of the courses.

How do I get help with issues watching courses, or downloading files or certificates?

First, refresh your browser, or clear cookies and log back in. That seems to solve a lot of problems. If that doesn’t work, read this support page or contact LinkedIn Learning support.

Note: The instructors for these courses do not work at LinkedIn. They have no magic access to the system. They are not able to help with support issues.