I have a question about the course content

Please ask it in the course Q&A section. You can find this tab just beneath the video window.

Asking course-related questions in the Q&A means that all learners will benefit from the answer. If your organization turned off Q&A functionality on LinkedIn, direct your question to someone inside your organization.

I have a question about my career

Please watch career-related courses on LinkedIn Learning. Several of the UX-related ones are listed in Part 8 of this syllabus and there are many more if you just search. If the course doesn’t answer your question, ask it in the course Q&A section.

Alternatively, ask your mentor, or ask in the relevant UX group on LinkedIn (find mentor and UX group info on the resources page)

How do I download my LinkedIn Learning course certificate?

First off, check that you’ve completed the course. Every video in the course must have a green checkmark in order for you to receive a certificate.

Certificate troubleshooting on LinkedIn

How to add certificates to your LinkedIn profile

I can’t find the exercise files for this LinkedIn Learning course

To download the exercise files, go to the Overview tab, find the Related To This Course section, and click the Show All link the right of the Exercise Files entry.

Visual representation of where the exercise files link is on LinkedIn Learning course pages

Note: some courses don’t have exercise files.

Exercise file troubleshooting on LinkedIn

I need more help

Here’s a link to LinkedIn support. You can browse the help files or contact support with specific questions.

On the mobile app, you can tap your name on the homepage, tap Settings, then tap Help Center.

Please note: the course instructors create courses FOR LinkedIn Learning but do not work AT LinkedIn. We do not have any access to the system, or to LinkedIn employees.